Subscriptions for 2021


  • Membership subscriptions for adult members amended for 2021. 
  • As per the Club constitution only those who have paid a membership sub will be selected to represent the Club in matches.
  • Discounts £20 for early payment apply. 
  • Staged payments are permitted,  Please apply to the membership secretary. 
  • Allow for a grace introductory period for new potential members, 

Adults : £145

  • Will decrease to £125 if paid by 31st May 2021. 
  • Limited playing membership of £65 to play 5 games or fewer with full credit given if full membership subsequently taken 
  • Match fees remain at £15 (£10 for second game of the weekend) and for £8 for others. 

Under 15 – Under 23 (as at 1st September 2020) :    £125

  • Decreases to £105 if paid by 31st March 2021 
  • Match fees for adult games – £8 
  • Match fee for U19, U17 and Trust games only to cover umpire costs if required 

Colts       rising by £20 if paid after 31/3/21

  • U5 – U6    £130 to be paid by 31st March 2021 
  • U7             £180 to be paid by 31st March 2021 
  • U8 – U14  £200 to be paid by 31st March 2021 
  • Match fee for U19, U17 and Trust games only to cover umpire costs if required 

Colts Discounts 

1) Discounts for senior school players unable to play or train. Age Scenario Discount U14-U15 Full Boarding No cricket at all during term: 50%

U14-U15 Weekly boarding, no cricket Mon – Sat : 40%

U14- U15 School finish too late for training on to Thursday: 33.3%

2) Volunteer parent discounts These percentages are after £10 parents’ social membership is still paid, and is off the subs for the child in the age group for which the work is being done or off the eldest child’s subs. Max 50% discount for 1 child 

  • Administration assistant for whole club issues such as pitch booking/fixture/website                                                       33.3% 
  • Qualified Level 2 coach on field for training for 75% of training sessions –                                                                                 50% 
  • Manager                                                                                   33.3% 
  • Administration manager for age group                            20% 
  • Assistant Manager                                                                 15% 
  • Chairman of a sub-committee                                             15% 

3) Multi Child Discounts U8 – U14
1st child :  U8+ £200, U7 £180, U6/U5 £130
2nd child: U8+ £190, U7 £170, U6/U5 £120
3rd child:  U8+ £95,   U7 £ 85,  U6/U5 £ 60
4th child:   as 3rd child.
So a family of four gets one subscription free. 


All membership subscriptions are paid on line by bank transfer. Bank details will be supplied at the time of membership application.