Club Training Days

2020 Season.

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Weekday Evening Training Sessions

A typical evening training session will be as follows:

Warm-up 10 minutes
Fielding practice 20 minutes
Skills coaching 30 minutes
Break 5 minutes
Practice to reinforce skill 30 minutes

Skills development will be very structured.  We have a seven year Colt’s development plan based on the English Cricket Board Training Manual to ensure our Colts gain a comprehensive suite of cricket skills.  Beginning from the age of five, they will be given skills development that builds each year to ensure that by the Under 11 age group they have been given comprehensive coaching in all the key elements of batting / bowling / fielding.

Your Age Group Manager or coach will be happy to share with you the training objectives of your child’s year group and the overall seven year training plan.


In 2020 we have scheduled separate training sessions for all Girls age groups, with the aim of running Girls teams.   Any female members of the Club may still train and  play with the boys teams of their own age, but can play in league games two years below their own age group.

Player Registration at Training Sessions

It is essential that parents/guardians ensure the children are registered/signed in at the start of each training session so that we know exactly how many and which children we have in our care.  At each session the Club will allocate a person in a central visible area to supervise this procedure.  We require parents to Sign Out at the end of the sessions.

The Club is legally responsible for your child for the duration of the training sessions.  Parents must collect children from the coach in the field at the end of each training session at which time responsibility and supervision reverts to the parent.