Colts Playing Adult Cricket

What changes in match cricket offered between U13-19 year groups?

The amount of “colts” cricket offered over these ages changes considerably at the end of the U15 year.  There are no U16 leagues run in Surrey due to it being the GCSE year.  The U17 leagues are less abundant, however there are some opportunities in an 8 a side competition.  The U19 have a league and a cup which is 20:20 with coloured clothing, music and the like!

So as you can see, the amount of pure colts cricket reduces and for players wishing to play often, the balance changes considerably. Players are encouraged to participate in the main cricket leagues of open age cricket, so that by the time they are 19 they have become comfortable in an adult team.

So what adult open age cricket is on offer at HSCC?

Saturday Cricket. We have 4 Saturday teams, which play matches from 12pm (depending on team and time of year) to approx. 6 – 7pm for 16-18 weeks from end April (depending on team).

The 1st XI play in the Div 5 of the Surrey Championship (the highest quality league in the county).  The 2nd XI will be playing in Division 1 of the 2nd XI Fullers League.

The 3rd & 4th XI play in the Surrey Downs league which is centred around the Surrey Downs region with most games within 45mins of the club. The 3rd Xi is in Div. 2, the 4th Xi is in Div. 3.

Matches are 45 overs a side with strict start times.

Sunday Cricket. There is a Social Sunday side which plays a small number of matches throughout the season and is a mix of all ability players. Matches are generally 40 overs a side and are within 30mins of the club.

Who plays in this form of cricket?

All ages from U14 up are able to play. Most teams in the Surrey Championship have a playing age between 15 and 50. Most teams in the Surrey Downs have an average of 14-70 if not more! Our teams are a mix!

How have the U14-19s been involved over the last few years?

In 2011& 12 the Captain of the 4th XI Mike Micklewright made an effort to play as many U14-19s as possible in his team and play them as often as possible.

In 2013 the club made a major change to policy. Brian Berthoud, Head Coach, took over as captain of the 3rd XI and we attempted to field a team of 3-4 adults with the rest U14-U19. If U14-19 were available they had to play. This was extremely successful, and instead of just participating this group of boys made it their team and we regularly had 8 boys playing each week from a group of about 16. The end result was that they won their league and were promoted.

In 2014 the same concept was used and the number of boys who played in the 3rd Xi & 4th XI increased.

During 2015 and 2016 much of the 3rd XI group including Brian moved to the 2nd XI and many of the 2nd XI moved to the 1st XI along with Mo Kapidia the new 1st XI captain. That year saw us field 2 boys aged 17 in the 1st XI and for the last 2nd XI game of the season the team consisted of 11 boys aged 18 or under, managed by Brian who was on the side-line. No mean feat. The 4th XI and 3rdXI saw another group of younger boys learning the ropes of adult cricket with Chris Smith, Mike Micklewright, Len Ozanne, Ian Mair and Steve Isaac, all coaches the boys had already worked with playing in these teams as mentors.

2017 sees the final piece of the jigsaw as Brian takes over the 1st XI captaincy with a great vision of uniting the club behind this new look dynamic young team with Oli Hind taking over the 2nd Xi captaincy fresh from 2 years as U19 Captain.

In 2017

We hope to encourage the U14, U15 & U16 to play in the adult teams and follow the trail blazers of the now U17, 18 & 19, forming approximately one third of the 4th & 3rd XI, over half of the 2nd XI and as many as are good enough to be selected in the 1st XI. The idea is to have a group of boys who play when they are available/as often as possible in a rotation style system to give them all as many chances as possible to play.

Who are the captains for 2020?

1st XI   Jarred Hunt

2nd XI Ben Hook

3rd XI

4th XI

The sole purpose will be to help the transition of youth into adult cricket. They will be assisted by Len Ozanne, Ian Mair (Welfare officer) Ben Hook and other experienced players as well as a number of dads who have expressed an interest in playing alongside their growing lads! There is always at least 1 senior player who has been DBS checked with the groups and these players always ensure that the boys are not put in unsuitable situations with mismatches of abilities with adults on the other side.

How do the boys get to know the adult players?

With their training being at the same time as the 2nd, 3rd & 4th teams on a Thursday evening we have found the boys are able to get to know the adults in these teams through some combined training, which makes the transition much easier and less daunting for them. A group of boys playing in a team where they know most of the adults from training, some of whom have been helping to coach them, is the intended formula!

The boys’ contribution to the games

It is our policy that the U19s picked to play have a defined role in the team. They are not just there to field. The have a role batting, bowling or keeping and have the opportunity to change the game; rather than just participate.


There is a £8 match fee for Juniors to cover the cost of Teas, which is served between innings.

Selection and notification

Selection happens on Thursday evenings after training ends and teams are then notified straight away.

Want your boys to get involved?

Make sure you respond to emails asking for availability for Saturday & Sunday matches! Why not come down to the club during one of the warm up games and meet the captains and some other players involved.

We hope this explains more about this fantastic opportunity for the boys and look forward to seeing you in the summer. For any more information please contact any of the captains, Steve Isaac or Chris