Junior Clothing

Club Shop    New image from 2018

Club clothing can now be purchased from our online shop at https://teamwear.nxt-sports.com/shop/horsley-send-cc

From 2018 our Juniors will be training and playing in a new blue kit.


We ask all Juniors to wear the blue shirt for matches.  We recommend parents also purchase the coordinating blue cricket trousers and a Club cap.
Optional training kit is available in a navy blue (polo, trousers, hoodie, gilet, jacket as well as caps and a helmet.
Orders over £75 are free of delivery charges.  Use the code HSCCFreeDelivery75

For younger children, cricket tops tend to be BIG.  They are not a fashion item!  The smallest size may last your child for 3 years.

Adult matches:   Juniors playing in adult matches must wear ‘white’ playing shirts and trousers with a ‘white’ jumper .


U5 – U7     Blue HSCC shirt with loose fitting dark-coloured trousers or shorts
U8 – U15   Blue HSCC playing kit or the new navy blue training kit.  Navy gilet, or jacket.


The Club strongly recommends that Colts wear spiked footwear which provides maximum leverage in all conditions.  Non-spiked cricket shoes should, however, be worn when using the artificial surfaces in the nets and on the all-weather pitch.
Spikes are NOT permitted in the Clubhouse, in the nets or on artificial surfaces.