Junior Equipment

U5 to U6 Soft Ball

No equipment is required, the Club will supply everything.

U7 to U9  Soft Ball / Incrediball

No equipment is required although many children choose to use their own bats.  Wearing a box when batting is strongly recommended for U9s, but not mandatory.

Under 10 upwards  Hard Ball

Wearing protective equipment is MANDATORY.  Children will not be allowed to participate in matches or training sessions without wearing the appropriate protective gear.

  • Helmet
  • Bat
  • Batting gloves
  • Pads
  • Wicket Keeping gloves and pads
  • Box and appropriate underpants. If a boy does not have his own box and correct underwear he will be excluded from the match and not allowed to bat or wicket keep in any practice sessions.
  • Cricket bag to put it all in.


The Club strongly recommends that Colts wear spiked footwear which provides maximum leverage in all conditions.  Non-spiked cricket shoes should, however, be worn when using the artificial surfaces in the nets and on the all-weather pitch.


Please read the following ECB Guidance on Helmets.