Juniors Selection Policy

We have again entered a team for most age group into both the West Surrey League and the Gladys Chitty League to try and ensure as much competitive cricket as possible for each age group. In addition, the Age Group Mangers will be arranging other friendly matches during the course of the season.

League Matches

West Surrey and Berkley Two Counties League games.

The strongest team possible will be selected to represent the Club at each age level.  Our objective is to win these games.  As far as possible we will try to ensure that there are not too many clashes between the age groups for the League fixtures but if there is a clash of fixtures boys or girls must play for their own age group in preference to an older age group .

Selection will be based on form and performance during the season

Development League games.

The age group team will be selected from the best possible players below those who usually play in the West Surrey or Berkley Two Counties League games.  Strong preference will be given to players from the correct age group, but also occasionally younger boys/ girls will be promoted for special development purposes.

Very often competing coaches will talk before these matches to ensure the sides are as well matched as possible.  However, if we found we were ‘over powering’ a team our coaches are instructed not to ‘grind the opposition into dust’ but make sensible adjustments to ensure our opponents are not demoralised.  We feel this approach is part of our bigger duty to the game.

Colts who are selected to represent the Club in matches must be at the appointed ground, ready to play thirty minutes before the game starts so that the Age Group Manager or coach can warm them up and discuss the game plan.  We have found this is a critical ingredient in helping us win matches.