Clubhouse and Grounds – DOs and DON’Ts


  1. Sign your child In before the session designated start time and Out again into your care at the end of each training session.
  2. Please ensure younger and older siblings are supervised at all times. They remain your responsibility throughout the evening. The Club accepts no responsibility for accidents to children not engaged in a cricket training session.
  3. Remember the Club is run entirely by volunteers just like you. Volunteer to help out behind the Bar and at the Sign In/Out. Your help is appreciated.
  4. Return your glasses and empty bottles to the Bar at the end of your evening.
  5. Use the recycling bins provided for your spent drink cans, chip trays and sweets wrappers.
  6. Ensure children’s mobile phones are safely in their kit bag or not brought onto the training pitch. Mobile use is not permitted during training sessions.
  7. For matches, volunteer to score or to umpire or to manage a team. Most parents have started from little or no knowledge and are surprised at how much enjoyment their participation can bring.
  8. Ask about taking an ECB Coach Support Worker course or better still Level 2 coaching qualification to coach/manage your age group. The Club will fund you.
  9. Ask about DBS Clearance. Anyone working with children needs to be DBS cleared.
  10. Please ensure your child uses the toilets appropriately and tells you if he/she has made a mess so that you can clear it up.
  11. Leave your dog safely at home.  We do not allow dogs in the ground.

Do Not

  1. Forget to Sign your child In and Out.
  2. Allow your child to use a mobile phone during training sessions.
  3. Forget to return tea/coffee cups to the kitchen, to wash up and/or to stack the dishwasher.
  4. Allow younger siblings to play in the Nets, on the roadway, on the cradle, on or under the covers, anywhere near the adults hardball nets practice session in the cage, or on the fenced off machinery behind the Clubhouse.
  5. Older siblings to play hardball in the Nets without appropriate protective gear (helmet and pads) and direct adult supervision.
  6. Allow younger or older siblings to run irresponsibly through the adult changing rooms or in fun to lock other children in the toilets.
  7. Allow your children to put unnecessary or inappropriate objects into the toilets – e.g. loo roll holders, nappies or underpants.
  8. Bring your dog to the ground.  Thank you for your understanding.